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Well-executed custom web design is the primary method of presenting your business to the world. You deserve web developers that take the time to understand your unique needs and take steps toward perfection.

Up to 90% of consumers use the internet to research and shop for products. This is precisely why your web presence is one of the most important investments you will make. You deserve a dedicated team of designers that will support you and your business every step of the way. Connoisseur Designs will provide that for you.

At Connoisseur Designs we don’t have clients… We create family. Each and every project is unique and treated with perfection in mind.

A well-executed custom web design is not only your face to the world, but the primary source of income for your company since 75-90% of shoppers today use the internet to shop for and research products.

Many businesses understand how important a web presence is to their growth, they are often trying to keep costs down. Hiring temporary freelance designers or developers might seem like tempting route to take from a cost-savings perspective, it will almost certainly cost you more in the long run. Some things require investment, and here’s why your web presence is one of them.

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Digital Salesforce

A consulting firm that builds and grows successful businesses using Salesforce.

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Stand out from the crowd with style statement that oozes boldness in its designs, style and colors.

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Case 03

Scented Soy

At Scented Soy, we believe in creating a wonderful, clean and fragrant candle that’s affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce has come out with a Partner Program that builds and grows successful businesses for achieving customer success. AppExchange is the leading enterprise cloud marketplace where Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) showcase solutions. Partners must accept the policies that they are subject to as a part of the Salesforce Partner Program Agreement (SPPA). This way they form part of the Partner Community. The types of partnership supported by Partner program are:

  • AppExchange (ISV) Partners
  • Consulting Partners
  • Resellers

An authorized agent from your organization must accept the SPPA, to enable logging into the partner community.

Business-critical applications like Salesforce makes it easy for businesses to improve communication and facilitates the sharing of data between teams, customers, and the company. A Salesforce partner company can understand your business’s unique requirements and suggest suitable solutions for your business. So, hire a Salesforce certified partner company today, for a custom development solution that will meet all your future requirements and resolve your complex problems.

Salesforce is known as the # 1 customer relationship management platform used by businesses of all sizes, all over the world. Salesforce solutions offer integrated services through sales, marketing and services with the Customer 360-degree platform. It helps your business to grow easily in the following ways:

Build and expand lead-generation networks

A reliable lead generation network can sustain your business for a long time. The AI-powered tool of Salesforce, Einstein can personalize and optimize lead generation strategies. It allows you to build the right lead generation strategies for driving your business growth. Opportunity Scoring takes the leads and finds the closest to conversion for closing more deals by your sales team.

Offer a Scalable Solution

A Salesforce solution is bound to be a scalable solution that meets the business requirements for years to come. A customized Salesforce solution will modify future needs.

Predict Customer Experiences

A Salesforce solution offers an integrated solution on a predictive marketing system that incorporates web, mobile, email and advertising platforms and helps to increase the conversion for your business.

Automate Marketing

An automated marketing solution displays the personal customer experience. A solution on Salesforce Marketing Cloud automates all stages of the customer journey and enables you to focus on other meaningful areas of business.

It costs about $ 15 to 30/hour for hiring a Salesforce certified developer. A Salesforce Consultant may charge up to $ 45/hour. A Certified Salesforce Consultant has an average salary of $ 26 /hour. Please refer to the below link for further details:

A Salesforce Consulting company provides the following services as per business requirements. It offers cutting-edge Salesforce solutions that enable you to drive your business more smartly and efficiently for generating the ROI of your business. The services offered by them are:

  • Custom Development Services
  • Consulting Services on Salesforce Implementation
  • Dedicated Services on Salesforce Integration.

Custom Development services

Enable you to achieve your business goals most efficiently with custom development service by a certified Salesforce company.

Consulting Services on Salesforce Implementation

Offer a professional Salesforce implementation process through the Salesforce implementation experts that meets your business needs to serve the needs of your target audience and company.

Dedicated Services on Salesforce Integration

Guide the most suitable integrations tools and best methods of integration for a seamless service with third-party software solutions.

Our Services

Custom Website Design and Development

We build custom high-performing websites that represent your brand perfectly.

Social Media Management

We use innovative social media marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and reach.

Paid Media and Advertising

We build, test, and run paid ads for your business on Google, Facebook, Tik Tok, Youtube, and more for maximum exposure.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Boost your web presence and ranking with our SEO services.

Design and Printing Services

From business cards to merchandise and beyond.

Logo and Graphic Design

Our designers will create a logo or graphic that perfectly communicates your message.

Photography and Video Production

We cover everything from professional headshots to custom videos, including premium editing services.

Business Development

We will help take your business from an idea to a thriving global business.

Business Consulting Services

Our consultants will help you when you get stuck – no matter how big or small the issue is.

E-mail and Text Message Marketing

Build deeper connections with your audience with direct email and text message campaigns.

Copywriting and Blog Writing

Our talented copywriters use strategic language to strengthen your web presence, grow your audience, and boost your search engine ranking.

E-Commerce Solutions

We will build an intuitive online storefront that turns shoppers into buyers.

Google My Business Management

Our Google My Business services help your business gain local attention.

Amazon Automation & FBA

Sell your product on the world’s largest online marketplace.

Web3 Development & Marketing

Get a head start on Web3, NTF, and Crypto projects. We make navigating this new world easy.

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